Vergangene Woche hat Blizzard im offiziellen Forum einen Faden eröffnet, in dem eine Fragen zur Hintergrundgeschichte der kommenden Erweiterung im speziellen und der Warcraft-Welt im allgemeinen beantwortet wurden. Darunter auch folgende:

Q: What’s the relation between The Order of the Silver Hand, Tyr’s Hand (City from Lordaeron region) and Watcher Tyr (from Ulduar)?

A: Long ago, on the continent that would eventually become known as the Eastern Kingdoms, a small group of creatures struggled to survive, using the limited supplies provided to it by parents who had just abandoned their children on an unfamiliar shoreline. These creatures, eventually called “humans,” would occasionally take to gathering around a fire whilst trying to read from scrolls telling of ancient heroes and leaders – tales from the civilization that had cast these creatures out. One of these scrolls spoke of a great leader, a paragon of order and justice, who sacrificed his right hand in a fight against an unfathomable evil. Although it was within this hero’s power to fix his hand after the fighting had ended, the hero instead chose to replace it with a closed fist made of the purest silver. In this way, the hero impressed upon those who followed him that true order and justice can only be accomplished through personal sacrifice. This hero, who slipped into memory long ago, went by the name of Tyr.

Ich möchte an dieser Stelle nur sagen, daß ich als Spieler eines Menschen-Paladins und als Alt-Skandinavist diesen Hintergrund – mit den Worten meiner Generation – einfach nur geil finde! :-D